Saturday, July 14, 2012

Modest Fashion Show!

Today I participated in a Modest Fashion Show at BYUI! Well...more like I made a dress and my pretty roommate wore it for me! :) We made a deal. If she wore it down the runway for me, she got to keep the dress. hahaha! 

Here it is! It is a completely original design. I did all the pattern work for it and everything! 

Lots of Tulle! And Floral! Yay!!!

The back!

Hair was done by Paul Mitchell School

Close-Up of the fabric 

Queen-Anne Neckline 

Babydoll Sleeves (Ignore the basting stitch, I took it out don't worry!!!)

Fun hair accessory! (Hot glue, tulle, and leftover fabric the night before the show!)

My Beautiful Roommate! Makeup also done by Paul Mitchell School

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  1. That is SO CUTE. I wish I was that good at sewing!


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