Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renaissance Costume

I started working on my costume today! :) I cut out all the pieces (apart from the shirt sleeves cause I ran out of fabric! oops!) and got most of the first skirt done. Still have to hem the bottom.
I apologize for my cell phone pictures...I was too lazy to get my fancy camera out. 

Laid out the pattern pieces for the corset.

Pinning! Yay!

Detail shot of the awesome fabric. :) 
Skirt pattern laid out. The dining room table in my apartment wasn't big enough for it so I had to cut it out on the floor!

Detail shot of the fabric. It's kinda shiny too! :)
I planned to make the shirt portion out of an old sheet from D.I. It was fitted so I took the elastic out of it to use later! :)

Yay! Free elastic!!
Elastic casing waistband on the skirt, without the elastic in it....
Anyways...That's progress so far! Yay! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


So this morning my roommates and I drove to Star Valley Wyoming at 6 something in the morning like crazy people! Yay!

The trip had some gorgeous scenery....forgive my awful cell phone pictures! 

Pretty snow covered mountains and green scenery! Crazy combination!!

The clouds were so low! Practically sitting on us!

And on the way back we got SQUARE ice cream! They use a square ice cream scoop! So weird!

Anyway...Now to announce my newest project! There's this cute guy in Boise who I kinda really like and he wants to go to the Renaissance Faire in Boise in three weeks!

You can't go to the Ren Faire without a splendid costume though....so.....

Ta Da!!!
With some great fabric sales this memorial day weekend and the glory of DI and it's many many sheets....and the fact that I got this pattern for a DOLLAR...I think it's gonna go pretty well.  :)

I'm kinda super excited.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Masculine to Feminine

I picked up a men's shirt in a thrift store down in Boise last weekend that I absolutely LOVED the color of! It was a beautiful pale aqua color. :) And for only $3 I couldn't resist!!

I actually took pictures of before and during my re-fashion this time! (I'll get better at that I promise! I just get so excited that I forget that people kinda wanna see the process sometimes!)

This is the shirt. The color is a little off because I took this under my horrible dorm room lighting at  like 8pm...
I marked out with a disappearing ink pen where I wanted the arm holes and neck edge to be (Plus seam allowance)
Oh Snap! Sorry Calvin...I'm sure your shirt looked great...on a man...

So after this I just got too excited and into the process and didn't take anymore pictures until this afternoon when I got back from wearing it to classes....haha oops...


I discovered it looked excellent with my new brown belt. :)
The belt!
My little owl necklace and my awesome new earrings!
The top hem of the shirt kinda bugs me, it torqued quite a bit while I was sewing it. Ugh. I might unpick it and use the sleeve fabric to make a facing. The only problem with that is that it will show through since the fabric is so thin...Problems problems!

Shirt: Thrifted and Refashioned $3
Tank: Maurices $12
Belt: 10dollarmall.com $5
Earrings: 10dollarmall.com $1!!
Cardigan: Maurices $20 

If you haven't noticed...I'm addicted to 10dollarmall.com. I love when they have their $1 accessory sales! 

Have a super fantabulous day! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skirt Shirt

This weekend I went home to Boise Idaho to visit! I was SO busy! 
I did, however, managed to go thrift store shopping with my best friend though. Thrift stores in Boise are MUCH better than they are here. For one...there are more of them!

I bought quite a few things that will show up here soon once I re-fashion them! :) 

This is today's outfit! 

Yay for new backgrounds! hahaha!
This shirt was a skirt yesterday! I loved the fabric and the little buttons down the front of it. Sadly, it made an ugly skirt. I've seen quite a few bloggers make shirts out of skirts so with my trusty dress form (Bernadette or Bernie) I turned a frumpy skirt into a totally cute shirt! 
(Sadly there is no room in my apartment for a dress form so Bernie had to stay home :( I shall miss her.)
I just love roses!

I'm also a sucker for pearls! :)
So anyway the total cost of the outfit would beee....

Shirt: Thrifted/Re-Fashioned $4
Belt: Maurices $15
Shrug: Walmart $12
Necklace: Forever 21 $9

Have a good day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Crazy!

I am in a Children's Sewing class up here at BYUI and it's driving me crazy! I keep making all these adorable little baby outfits but....I have no baby to put them on!!! :(

I thought I'd share some of them with you....

Polka Dot Fleece Sleeper

Polka Dot Knit Hat

Polka Dot Knit Booties!

Bib made from a cupcake towel!
It's torturing me. I made a wittle shirt today in class and it was just so darn adorable and tiny!!! Soon there will be pants to match and then.....


For those of you who might be viewing this and don't understand what that means....THIS is what a blessing dress looks like:

Taken from: http://ellencgeorge.blogspot.com/2009/03/baby-blessing-dress.html

Basically it's an excuse to drown your infant child in lots of sheer tricot and ruffles. :) Yay!

Blogging > Homework

I am pumped full of caffeine and avoiding the pile of homework I have to do before this weekend...
I will be taking a trip to Boise this weekend so I don't wanna have to worry about having homework when I'm trying to have fun with my friends.

Anyway...I decided blogging would be a better waste of time than playing silly facebook games....

Here's today's "Lazy Girl" outfit!!! (aka, I was really lazy, but with fancy earrings it looks like I tried...)

I didn't like my face so I fixed it!
I actually made this shirt last semester in my Advanced Clothing Construction class. I even got to walk down the runway at the BYUI Winter 2012 fashion show! :)

See? This is a horrible picture of me...but it's proof that  I was a runway model once! hahahaha!

Top detail of the shirt...those used to be flowers, I promise.
My hair only looks good up in this shirt for some reason...so it's perfect when I just wanna wear a ponytail.

I call these my "Gypsy" Earrings. They are super fun!

These have been deemed my "Spaceman"  shoes. They are Airwalks from Payless! :)

Shirt: Homemade!
Earrings: Claires $7
Undershirt: Maurices $12
Shoes: Payless $15
In other news...I've decided I need a Tripod. This is currently how I get my camera high enough to see my outfit....Not very efficient...

This pretty much sums up how I feel today. Bleh.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Pinned Up

I thought I'd share today's outfit with you for multiple reasons:
1. My necklace gained lots of attention today, AND it's vintage from my grandmother!
2. My shirt is a refashion from a long time ago.
3. My outfit is literally held together with safety pins. (don't be alarmed, I'll explain!)

That shirt was once a dress....but now it's a shirt!
This is the necklace. :) I inherited it from my 90-something year old grandmother who passed away a few summers ago. I LOVE it, though I've only recently started to wear it. 

Funny story about this today!!! SO in English class my teacher was lecturing about something and mid-sentance he just proclaims in my direction quite dramatically "That is SUCH a cool owl!" and then proceeds to make me stand up and show the class my necklace. 

Then a girl in the school cafeteria today told me it reminded her of Harry Potter too, which made me happy, cause I'm a potter nerd. 

My thrifted belt! :) 
Now I said that this is held together by safety pins remember? Doesn't look like it does it?

See them now??
I hated the neckline of this dress one day and decided it would look better as a more sweetheart-like v-shaped neckline. So I unbuttoned the top button and folded it down and pinned it. I looks snazzy and I never got around to actually stitching it down, so for at least a year it has lived with pins in it. (I'm so lazy...)

The cardigan is pinned because it has a tenancy to fly up in the wind and move when I put my backpack on. They are just there to keep it in place. The necklace is much longer and is also pinned to keep at at a more comfortable length.

Now I know you wanna see it without the pins.....

Here it is....the frumpy and less-put together version of this outfit. Safety pins are such magical inventions....

It took a grand total of FIVE safety pins to keep my outfit together today. That is at least three more than usual....

Today's Outfit:
Shirt: Refashioned Walmart dress $15?
Necklace: Free! 
Cardigan: Plato's Closet $5 (second hand store?)
Earrings: Claires $10
Belt: Thrifted $1!
Jeans: LA Idol $50 (ouch...)

That's it! Have a splendorous day!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Self Esteem Boosting Dress

Fashion Week ended today so I decided to go out with a  Bang!
I made this dress last semester in one of my classes/over the break.

It's a simple light pink fabric with a beige/dusty rose colored overlay on top. The overlay has such a fun texture that I couldn't resist making a dress out of it. It's a Project Runway fabric and EVERYONE seems to feel the need to touch it when I wear this! haha!

Anyway, this has been deemed the "Self Esteem Boosting Dress" since every time I wear it, a conversation usually goes like this....

Random Girl: "Oh my heavens! I love your dress!"
Me: "Thank you! I love it too!"
Random Girl: "Where did you get it??"
Me: "I made it..."
Random Girl: "NO WAY!! Seriously??"

And then she proceeds to brag about me to other random people around her which starts a chain reaction till I'm super embarrassed by all the attention.

This happens a lot at church...

Sweetheart Neckline and an empire waist.

Used my favorite broach as a hair piece to tame the curls.
Had to also show off my sparkly nails! :)