Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renaissance Costume

I started working on my costume today! :) I cut out all the pieces (apart from the shirt sleeves cause I ran out of fabric! oops!) and got most of the first skirt done. Still have to hem the bottom.
I apologize for my cell phone pictures...I was too lazy to get my fancy camera out. 

Laid out the pattern pieces for the corset.

Pinning! Yay!

Detail shot of the awesome fabric. :) 
Skirt pattern laid out. The dining room table in my apartment wasn't big enough for it so I had to cut it out on the floor!

Detail shot of the fabric. It's kinda shiny too! :)
I planned to make the shirt portion out of an old sheet from D.I. It was fitted so I took the elastic out of it to use later! :)

Yay! Free elastic!!
Elastic casing waistband on the skirt, without the elastic in it....
Anyways...That's progress so far! Yay! 


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