Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Self Esteem Boosting Dress

Fashion Week ended today so I decided to go out with a  Bang!
I made this dress last semester in one of my classes/over the break.

It's a simple light pink fabric with a beige/dusty rose colored overlay on top. The overlay has such a fun texture that I couldn't resist making a dress out of it. It's a Project Runway fabric and EVERYONE seems to feel the need to touch it when I wear this! haha!

Anyway, this has been deemed the "Self Esteem Boosting Dress" since every time I wear it, a conversation usually goes like this....

Random Girl: "Oh my heavens! I love your dress!"
Me: "Thank you! I love it too!"
Random Girl: "Where did you get it??"
Me: "I made it..."
Random Girl: "NO WAY!! Seriously??"

And then she proceeds to brag about me to other random people around her which starts a chain reaction till I'm super embarrassed by all the attention.

This happens a lot at church...

Sweetheart Neckline and an empire waist.

Used my favorite broach as a hair piece to tame the curls.
Had to also show off my sparkly nails! :)


  1. I am so impressed that you made that dress! It looks awesome! I wish I could sew.

    1. Thank you! It's easy enough to learn! Just get started!


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