Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion Week: Day 1

Introducing Fashion Week! 
From May 8th till May 15th my Fashion Design and Merchandising class is putting on a Fashion Week were we all have to dress up fancy-like and strut our stuff around campus and town. It's pretty intense...I can't go to the grocery store in my sweats this week. 
Our outfits are judge and graded by a point system. We get points for things like jewelry, having our hair done nice, putting makeup on, color and texture of our clothes, belts, wearing tights, and especially heels! We have to have 18-24 points to fit the criteria. It's harder than it sounds!!

So I missed the first day (oops) so today was my first day! This is what I came up with! 

I didn't like my face in this one so I fixed it. :) 

A close up. Recognize the skirt? :D 

The heels of feet hurt so bad now!

An extra point for a smile! :)

Overall I counted myself at around 20 points. So hard to get to 18! 

The Outfit:
Skirt: Thrifted $4
Shirt: Thrifted $2
Cardigan: Downeast Basics $20
Pearls: Vintage from my Gma!
Earrings: off of a Claires set for $15
Belt: Maurices $15
Heels: My Roommate! $10 (Originally $30 from Payless)

Oh and exciting news! I have been counting calories and working with a "personal trainer" of sorts...(She's a physical fitness and nutrition major on campus who is training to be a personal trainer haha) And we had a weigh-in yesterday and I broke 200 lbs! I have been stuck there in my weight loss goals FOREVER...well, not forever...just for like 2 years. But I've finally gotten over the hump! Exciting day! 

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