Sunday, May 27, 2012


So this morning my roommates and I drove to Star Valley Wyoming at 6 something in the morning like crazy people! Yay!

The trip had some gorgeous scenery....forgive my awful cell phone pictures! 

Pretty snow covered mountains and green scenery! Crazy combination!!

The clouds were so low! Practically sitting on us!

And on the way back we got SQUARE ice cream! They use a square ice cream scoop! So weird!

Anyway...Now to announce my newest project! There's this cute guy in Boise who I kinda really like and he wants to go to the Renaissance Faire in Boise in three weeks!

You can't go to the Ren Faire without a splendid costume

Ta Da!!!
With some great fabric sales this memorial day weekend and the glory of DI and it's many many sheets....and the fact that I got this pattern for a DOLLAR...I think it's gonna go pretty well.  :)

I'm kinda super excited.

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