Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Blog Post!

So I am starting a blog! Exciting! :D 
Anyway....So today between classes I came home for lunch and my 10dollarmall package was here!!! Super happy day! 

I got two shirts and a cute little bag for about $8 each! :) 

Please excuse my messy dorm room! :P  I was too excited to clean up!

This is a headband I made once that went quite nicely with the new shirt! :)
Shirt: 10dollarmall $7.77
Earrings: 10dollarmall $3
Headband: Homemade! :)

Second shirt! :) This one is pink and ruffly!

Shirt: 10dollarmall $7.77
Jeans: LAIdol $35
Shawl: Maurices $15
Earrings: 10dollarmall $3

Ignore my hair. I took all these and then realized my hair had a funny spot in it at the top XP oooops!

SO yes. This is my first blog post! How exciting is that?! 
Look forward to lots more posts (mostly about clothes I make) and I hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I will!!!!!

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