Thursday, May 24, 2012

Masculine to Feminine

I picked up a men's shirt in a thrift store down in Boise last weekend that I absolutely LOVED the color of! It was a beautiful pale aqua color. :) And for only $3 I couldn't resist!!

I actually took pictures of before and during my re-fashion this time! (I'll get better at that I promise! I just get so excited that I forget that people kinda wanna see the process sometimes!)

This is the shirt. The color is a little off because I took this under my horrible dorm room lighting at  like 8pm...
I marked out with a disappearing ink pen where I wanted the arm holes and neck edge to be (Plus seam allowance)
Oh Snap! Sorry Calvin...I'm sure your shirt looked great...on a man...

So after this I just got too excited and into the process and didn't take anymore pictures until this afternoon when I got back from wearing it to classes....haha oops...


I discovered it looked excellent with my new brown belt. :)
The belt!
My little owl necklace and my awesome new earrings!
The top hem of the shirt kinda bugs me, it torqued quite a bit while I was sewing it. Ugh. I might unpick it and use the sleeve fabric to make a facing. The only problem with that is that it will show through since the fabric is so thin...Problems problems!

Shirt: Thrifted and Refashioned $3
Tank: Maurices $12
Belt: $5
Earrings: $1!!
Cardigan: Maurices $20 

If you haven't noticed...I'm addicted to I love when they have their $1 accessory sales! 

Have a super fantabulous day! :)

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