Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Pinned Up

I thought I'd share today's outfit with you for multiple reasons:
1. My necklace gained lots of attention today, AND it's vintage from my grandmother!
2. My shirt is a refashion from a long time ago.
3. My outfit is literally held together with safety pins. (don't be alarmed, I'll explain!)

That shirt was once a dress....but now it's a shirt!
This is the necklace. :) I inherited it from my 90-something year old grandmother who passed away a few summers ago. I LOVE it, though I've only recently started to wear it. 

Funny story about this today!!! SO in English class my teacher was lecturing about something and mid-sentance he just proclaims in my direction quite dramatically "That is SUCH a cool owl!" and then proceeds to make me stand up and show the class my necklace. 

Then a girl in the school cafeteria today told me it reminded her of Harry Potter too, which made me happy, cause I'm a potter nerd. 

My thrifted belt! :) 
Now I said that this is held together by safety pins remember? Doesn't look like it does it?

See them now??
I hated the neckline of this dress one day and decided it would look better as a more sweetheart-like v-shaped neckline. So I unbuttoned the top button and folded it down and pinned it. I looks snazzy and I never got around to actually stitching it down, so for at least a year it has lived with pins in it. (I'm so lazy...)

The cardigan is pinned because it has a tenancy to fly up in the wind and move when I put my backpack on. They are just there to keep it in place. The necklace is much longer and is also pinned to keep at at a more comfortable length.

Now I know you wanna see it without the pins.....

Here it is....the frumpy and less-put together version of this outfit. Safety pins are such magical inventions....

It took a grand total of FIVE safety pins to keep my outfit together today. That is at least three more than usual....

Today's Outfit:
Shirt: Refashioned Walmart dress $15?
Necklace: Free! 
Cardigan: Plato's Closet $5 (second hand store?)
Earrings: Claires $10
Belt: Thrifted $1!
Jeans: LA Idol $50 (ouch...)

That's it! Have a splendorous day!!!


  1. That owl pendant is too cute to be true! Love the fact that its your grandmother's!

    x Aliya

    1. My grandmother had some pretty sweet jewelry! I was so excited when I inherited it!
      Cute blog by the way!


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