Saturday, July 14, 2012

Modest Fashion Show!

Today I participated in a Modest Fashion Show at BYUI! Well...more like I made a dress and my pretty roommate wore it for me! :) We made a deal. If she wore it down the runway for me, she got to keep the dress. hahaha! 

Here it is! It is a completely original design. I did all the pattern work for it and everything! 

Lots of Tulle! And Floral! Yay!!!

The back!

Hair was done by Paul Mitchell School

Close-Up of the fabric 

Queen-Anne Neckline 

Babydoll Sleeves (Ignore the basting stitch, I took it out don't worry!!!)

Fun hair accessory! (Hot glue, tulle, and leftover fabric the night before the show!)

My Beautiful Roommate! Makeup also done by Paul Mitchell School

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wardrobe Revamp Project!

So I have been working like crazy sauce for the Modest Fashion Show I will be participating in at BYU-I tomorrow! I designed a dress and did the pattern work and then sewed it up. :) It was so much work but so worth it! My roommate will be modeling it in the show and I'm so excited!! I'll be posting pictures of the dress and the show once it's over. :)

In other news I've decided that while I am home for the very long break between Spring and Winter semesters, I will be tackling a project. I am calling it my "Wardrobe Revamp" Project! Basically, I have about four LARGE bags of old clothes I couldn't bring myself to give away to DI that are just sitting in my room being sad and alone. During the break I decided that I would pick one item from my stash and Revamp it into something spectacular and new every day! This totals to about 163 days. (July 22nd to December 31st)

This is my goal! I hope you're looking forward to it! I actually was inspired by many of the 365 day challenges that some bloggers do. Mainly Jillian at Refashionista is my inspiration. She's kinda amazing! Sadly, I just don't have the time to do that while I'm in school soooo I will only be doing 163 days. hahaha!

Anyway, I'm gonna go study my butt off and not sleep for the next week or so for finals! See you soon!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ring to Necklace Refashion

So my boyfriend bought me this dragonfly ring and gave it to me over the weekend. It's huge. Like, this thing could be a weapon if someone decided to jump me in the middle of the night while I was walking to go get ice cream. Like serious potential danger. Especially to myself...since I'm a huge clutz. It's super pretty though and I wanted to wear it since he gave it to me and all. 

Sparkily!!! :)
So I asked him if he would be horribly offended if I made it into a necklace. I think he realized how big it was after trying to hold my hand with it on...hahaha he said it was totally cool. Soooooo....yay!

So the band was like this:
Honestly, not the most comfortable thing I've ever worn around my finger. But that will soon change!!! :)

So my first attempt at this was to take a chunk of aluminum that my roomie makes necklaces out of for an at-home business and glue the dragonfly it on that.
She's kinda awesome like that...(That's her missionary cute!!)
Anyway...this is how it turned out when I tried to glue the dragonfly to the aluminum with E-600 glue...
It dried all night and them promptly came off. Ugh.
So I came up with a new plan and used some of my roomie's jump rings to connect an old chain from a necklace I never wear anymore.

And Wall-ahh!!
I actually like it better this way...

MUCH easier to wear more often. :) And not dangerous to my health. hahaha! 

Ren Faire!

So I went to the Ren Faire! :) It was super awesome. And there was a guy there who acted and talked and looked just like Jack Sparrow! (not quite in his face though...sadly...)

Jack Sparrow liked my outfit! :)

I kinda got lazy on my costume though...I didn't hem any of the raw edges on my shirt (I kinda liked the frayed look) and I decided it was more practical to wear brown pants and boots with it instead.

In other news I now have a boyfriend (so weird!) and he bought me pretty earrings at a Cherry Festival/Fair thing after we went to the Ren Faire. Aren't they super awesome??

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Costume Party of One!

This weekend all my roomies left me alone. So I decided to stay up late, blast music, and work on my costume! Here's some of the things I was working with tonight...

Two layers to stripes and one layer of sew-in interfacing basted together.
Some Featherlite Boning....which I've never worked with before...
Extra Wide Double Fold brown Bias Tape...

This is the most magical tool for making eyelets EVER!!! It punches the hole FOR YOU and then puts the eyelet in!!!

Coming together! :)
 I found out that boning is very interesting to work with. Mine was rolled up and wanted to stay that way, so All my pieces are bent haha! It's ok though cause they bend right to my body when I put them on.

YAY! Too bad I ran out of lacing. I'll have to find something else to use instead since I don't wanna drive 30 min to Idaho Falls this weekend...
My battle wounds. Cut myself twice in one night. Blood went into this project. 
ummmm oops?

 Once I was done with my vest I realized that I'd made a HUGE mess of my living room in my apartment....I was pretty sure my roomies wouldn't appreciate it when they came home (and I didn't know when they were coming home.)
And it's 2am at this point and I'm super tired and super weird. This happens to me at 2am...hahaha

The overall mess that was my apartment...

Living room

Dining room

Yes, I sew on the dining room table. There's literally nowhere else to sew. But yeah that's my mess...Don't worry I cleaned it all up! I'm a good roommate I promise!!

So to explain how weird I get at 2 am...I'm uploading all the dorky pictures I took of myself at 2am standing in my kitchen cause that's the only light in my apartment worth using......

I'm a dork I warn you now.

I warned you.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Why I've Been Slacking...

My midterm for my pattern making class was guessed it, make a pattern! We had to do the whole nine yards. Construct the pattern, sew a mock-up, sew a halfscale version, trace out our patterns onto pattern paper, print out instructions, and create a pattern envelope. SO much work!!!

Here is the finished product! (again sorry for the icky cell phone pics...:P sometimes it's all I have on me...)

The envelope front! I don't have a company name so it's just my name up there...

My instruction sheet (Pink!) and the pattern paper all traced out with patterns!

Envelope back with fashion sketches of my design.
This is the dress in halfscale form.
It's a boat-neck, sleeveless, sheath dress. It's yoked in the skirt and around the middle with a sash. Knee-length! :) Very simple since it's only the midterm...hahaha! 

Keep it cool! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renaissance Costume

I started working on my costume today! :) I cut out all the pieces (apart from the shirt sleeves cause I ran out of fabric! oops!) and got most of the first skirt done. Still have to hem the bottom.
I apologize for my cell phone pictures...I was too lazy to get my fancy camera out. 

Laid out the pattern pieces for the corset.

Pinning! Yay!

Detail shot of the awesome fabric. :) 
Skirt pattern laid out. The dining room table in my apartment wasn't big enough for it so I had to cut it out on the floor!

Detail shot of the fabric. It's kinda shiny too! :)
I planned to make the shirt portion out of an old sheet from D.I. It was fitted so I took the elastic out of it to use later! :)

Yay! Free elastic!!
Elastic casing waistband on the skirt, without the elastic in it....
Anyways...That's progress so far! Yay!