Saturday, June 9, 2012

Costume Party of One!

This weekend all my roomies left me alone. So I decided to stay up late, blast music, and work on my costume! Here's some of the things I was working with tonight...

Two layers to stripes and one layer of sew-in interfacing basted together.
Some Featherlite Boning....which I've never worked with before...
Extra Wide Double Fold brown Bias Tape...

This is the most magical tool for making eyelets EVER!!! It punches the hole FOR YOU and then puts the eyelet in!!!

Coming together! :)
 I found out that boning is very interesting to work with. Mine was rolled up and wanted to stay that way, so All my pieces are bent haha! It's ok though cause they bend right to my body when I put them on.

YAY! Too bad I ran out of lacing. I'll have to find something else to use instead since I don't wanna drive 30 min to Idaho Falls this weekend...
My battle wounds. Cut myself twice in one night. Blood went into this project. 
ummmm oops?

 Once I was done with my vest I realized that I'd made a HUGE mess of my living room in my apartment....I was pretty sure my roomies wouldn't appreciate it when they came home (and I didn't know when they were coming home.)
And it's 2am at this point and I'm super tired and super weird. This happens to me at 2am...hahaha

The overall mess that was my apartment...

Living room

Dining room

Yes, I sew on the dining room table. There's literally nowhere else to sew. But yeah that's my mess...Don't worry I cleaned it all up! I'm a good roommate I promise!!

So to explain how weird I get at 2 am...I'm uploading all the dorky pictures I took of myself at 2am standing in my kitchen cause that's the only light in my apartment worth using......

I'm a dork I warn you now.

I warned you.

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  1. WOW ! I love this .... this is exactly how I feel right before I almost throw my sewing machine out the window. The vest turned out wonderfully !!


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