Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thrifting Success!

So yesterday I was having a horrible no good very bad day. Like, the kinda day where you just want to crawl back into bed and growl like an angry hibernating bear whenever someone comes in the room. THAT kinda day. Nothing was going right at all. 
First of all I missed the memo for the first day of "Fashion Week" in my Fashion Design and Merchandising class. Basically we are given points for different aspects of our outfits. We have to dress all super nice for a week and add up our points each day. Everyone showed up in dresses and fancy outfits. I showed up in a ponytail, jeans, and a plaid flannel shirt. (I rolled out of bed with 15 min to get to class, don't judge.) It was very embarrassing. In other news though, I will be posting pictures of my outfit each day for Fashion Week! :)

ANYWAY....on to the good stuff! :) So to make myself feel better my roommate Kirstie and I went and did some retail the DI! 
Sadly there is only one thrift store in this small college town (Rexburg) unless you drive to Idaho Falls....(not happening)
But it's ok, cause God seemed to be smiling down on me in that thrift store because I found some AMAZING stuff! I actually had to pick and choose what I was actually going to buy! 

First we have this lovely pink skirt, which I was going to make into a shirt....but then I realized it fit me and had pockets. I love skirts with pockets. LOVE THEM. The cute little pink belt was exciting too...until it broke the first time I tried to use it. Sad. But it was only $4.
Another skirt!!! This one was a definite YES when I saw it on the rack for $4. I had to have it. I love floral prints and this one was just gorgeous. And guess what....IT HAS POCKETS!!! 
Look how pretty this print is??!!! So great....I can't stop looking at it. :)
I saw this on the rack and loved the color of it. I thought maybe with some altering it would make a splendid little jacket. Surprise! It fits almost perfectly!! (and looks much better on I might add) Only $8! (including a matching skirt) My roommate actually described this jacket as "Zesty". I hemmed up the sleeves to elbow length however, I'm not a long-sleeve fan.
This is a better picture of the color...though still not accurate. It's so much more vibrant in real life...
And finally...A belt! This cute little brown westerny belt just begged me to take it home and love it. It's got some paint splotches on it (got it in the men's department) but they are sure to scrape off! Only $1!

So those are my spoils. :) I'm so excited! I love new clothes! Even second hand ones! :D

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