Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Miss My Sewing Machine....

I used to bring my sewing machine with me up to good old college but this semester I de-cluttered my junk that I usually bring up with me. For some silly reason I left my trusty sewing machine at home. :(

Worst. Idea. Ever.

I had to sew this new creation up BY HAND. All I did was hem to sleeves up to elbow length instead of long sleeved. Took forever!

Ugh. I feel bad for seamstresses before sewing machines were invented.

Technically I have access to the sewing labs on campus with the fancy sewing machines and sergers....buuuuttt, that's really just how lazy I am. I don't wanna walk the 15 minutes with all my sewing junk to the sewing labs. Yuck.

So this weekend I'm going home! And my sewing machine will be returning with me! :D And then the real re-fashioning thrift storing extravaganza will begin!!! :)
I really love this jacket. I love the color and how it POPS out at you!  All that this lovely jacket needed was a shorter sleeve. So I hacked it off and turned it under and stitched it all invisibly so it looks all store bought. I did it by hand though, cause I don't have my sewing machine up at college till next week!

On a side note...That shirt is a "weekend only" shirt. The front is completely sequins and it distracts me so much in class that I can't wear it and actually pay attention! Darn my unmedicated ADD!

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