Saturday, September 14, 2013

Newlywed Thrifty Crafting!


And I got Married!!! :D It's fabulous! 

Annnywayyyy...Hunky Husband and I have been thrifting up a storm since we got married to save some money. He showed me this magical place called the Idaho Youth Ranch Outlet Store, which is where all the stuff goes for last chance sales. So they charge you by weight! Which means I pay merely cents for each item! :D

For example this little dresser we scored for only $3! :O Whoa!
We removed one of the drawers to put in a shelf to put a VCR on for our Ghetto tv. ;) 

This is Handsome Hubby helping me tear out the drawer tracks so we can put the board in the top. 
He's much stronger than me....

And here he is helping me sand the outside of the dresser so we can paint it!
 We did this inside the very empty swimming pool in the backyard of our rental....
(The crafter in me saw a big empty concrete lined hole and thought "That's a perfect place to spray paint things!"...)

AND HERE IT IS!!!! A fresh coat of pretty turquoise spray paint and a board later and we have a funky new bedroom furniture piece! :D 

Total Price of Project:
Dresser: $3
Paint: $7
Wood Board: $8 (though we only used less than half of it...)

Total: $18
YAY!!! Less than $20 for this fabulous little entertainment center! 
I'm so proud.

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